That is a common question that I often get over social media or via email. Many of us have typewriters that are given to us by a relative or ones that we purchase from a typewriter shop or maybe at an antique mall. It’s natural to want to know a bit of history about the particular typewriter s that we own. Let me give you a resource to help you find out how old your machine is. The Typewriter Database is a wonderful resource when trying to date your typewriter. Select your typewriter’s Brand from the drop down menu. A new page will open that will feature the most recently edited typewriter galleries. Next, and this is important, scroll down the page.

Underwood Typewriter Company

When most people think “old typewriter,” they picture something much like the Underwood No. Because this is the most successful typewriter design in history. Appearing shortly before , the Underwood established the stereotype of a typewriter until the introduction of the IBM Selectric in When the Underwood was first introduced, it was only one of hundreds of competing and extremely varied typewriter designs.

But by , almost every typewriter imitated the Underwood.

He is currently fixing a Underwood typewriter for Tom Hanks. best work, including an orange-colored Underwood machine dating from , “I shut off my iPhone, I take my typewriter and sit and I don’t worry about.

Instead of the strong,firm pressure of the printing press, it utilized the quick percussive tap of a piece oftype mounted on the end of a swinging arm. You can guess how long that lasted. Ribbons were later sold over the counter,and tins were the natural containers. We say , because that is the date of the earliest knowndatable tin. Another early ribbon maker has a name more famousfor typewriters themselves: Underwood.

That family, however, was originally a ribbonmanufacturer, its enterprise dating back to Alongside Rogers and perhaps other firmsas well, they contracted with Remington to make its ribbons.

The Story Of The Underwood Typewriter Company

A typewriter is a mechanical or electromechanical machine for typing characters similar to those produced by a printer’s movable type. Typically, a typewriter has an array of keys , and each one causes a different single character to be produced on the paper, by means of a ribbon with dried ink struck against the paper by a type element similar to the sorts used in movable type letterpress printing. On some typewriters, a separate type element called a typebar corresponds to each key; others use a single type element such as a typeball or disc with a different portion of it used for each character.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the term typewriter was also applied to a person who used a typing machine.

As a professional Personal Dating Assistant, I share my best tips Antique Underwood No 3 Standard Vintage Typewriter 12 Inch Royal Typewriter, Antique​.

The serial number is located at the top of the unit right hand as you see it from top. You may have to move the carriage to see. The image at right can help you. Look up the table below to find the year of production of your Underwood 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, portable, noiseless or electric. When use these lists, please considere these facts:. So, if you can recognise your model and your serial number match with one of the following tables, you can date your Underwood precisely and with confidence.

Otherwise I can provide you little additional help. Any information you can provide will be wellcomed and included here. Click on the model you are looking for:. The first unit was put on market not manufactured Nov. Underwood changed a few to gray finish. Thus, they closed out their stock of Noiseless machines. Thanks to Richard Polt for this information.

Underwood Typewriter Serial Numbers

I was a newspaper journalist for 46 years and I used typewriters as a tool of trade for the first 23 of those years. We all took them for granted back then; didn’t take the time to appreciate the brilliant engineering and mechanical design, or what beautiful machines they are. In , when I saw an old Imperial portable in a bric-a-brac shop down in Moruya.

Little did I realise then what I was getting myself into.

As a professional Personal Dating Assistant, I share my best tips The Underwood typewriter used by William Faulkner; located at Rowan Oak in Oxford​.

Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. I can’t seem to find a serial number anywhere on it though. The only labeling I can find is “Underwood Copyright “, and on the bottom is a stamped number three. Any insight would be much appreciated! This number does not seem to be an Underwood serial number according to the websites listing their serial numbers.

The longest serial number I could spot for Underwood was only 7 digits while the number you gave is 9 digit. I believe the last serial number issued by Underwood was in 3,, something. According to a couple of websites, the serial number of Underwoods are located ” If it says “Wagner Typewriter Co. If it doesn’t say “Wagner” but has an open frame you can easily see the works , it dates from If it’s an open-framed Underwood 5, check my Underwood page for a list of serial numbers that will let you date it with precision.

Look for the serial number on the right top of the frame, under the right end of the carriage. If it is an office-sized typewriter with an enclosed frame covered in sheet metal , it’s after


Ermanno Marzorati has rarely been so busy. He is currently fixing a Underwood typewriter for Tom Hanks. But there are plenty more ancient writing machines awaiting his tender care. While the modern world taps away in an ever-increasing frenzy online, the Italian senses a new trend, from his calm Beverly Hills studio: The return of the art of slow writing. Occasionally Hanks tweets photos of the vintage typewriters that Marzorati restored in his own collection.

In all, the talkative Italian has some 60 machines waiting to be fixed — an enormous numbers compared to a few years ago.

Picked up this Underwood typewriter for $ Underwood #5, check my Underwood page for a list of serial numbers that will let you date it with precision.

Underwood typewriters are quintessential antiques among collectors. These machines were made in the millions in the early 20th century. Underwood No. If you have bought an Underwood typewriter or are considering adding one to your collection, you’ll want to figure out exactly how old it is. Look at the typewriter’s back panel. If it says “Wagner Typewriter Co.

Kansas City’s last remaining typewriter repairmen are still hanging on. For now.

In , Underwood replaced its standard 4-bank portables with a all new portable. Boasted as a Quiet and Fast portable, it features a new carriage return, a new shift key mechanism and generally subdued key action. It is fast because incorporated in it are exclusive features that for years have made Underwood typewriters the speed typing machines of the world.

The physical appearance of the Underwood portable of resembles closely to that of the later Universal and Champion line. It may be distinguished by the keys with glass key tops on the model. Database from: Serial Numbers.

Underwood vintage typewriter // Style Me Pretty // Gallery by Untamed Heart Photography Ask As a professional Personal Dating Assistant, I share my best tips.

While typing away on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, it’s easy to forget that it wasn’t too long ago when typewriters were the only word-processing machine available. They’re thought to be a staple of s and ’60s offices, but the history goes back much further than that—to the late s when Italian printmaker Francesco Rampazetto invented a machine to impress letters on paper known as the scittura tattile. Although typewriters are a relic of a bygone era, aficionados enjoy collecting them, whether for whimsy or their value.

While all typewriters might have sentimental value, only certain antique or vintage typewriter models can fetch a hefty price. Inventor Henry Mill filed the first patent for a typewriter in , but his idea never truly came to fruition. From there, several people reportedly manufactured the “first” typewriter, including Agostino Fantoni in , Pellegrino Turri in , and Pietro Conti di Cilavegna in However, none of the models were commercially produced until when the Hansen Writing Ball was debuted.

Typewriters manufactured after are generally considered “vintage” rather than “antique. Collectors looking for antique or vintage typewriter models can typically identify them by the brand name that’s stamped on the front of the machine, though determining the exact year it was produced can be difficult. By obtaining the serial and model number of the typewriter, a collector might be able to determine the age of the machine.

Not all typewriters, even vintage models, are valuable.

Typewriter Tins

Several collectors have requested we keep a reference for sold machines for information and pricing information. So, here it is. Build a website with Andy’s Web Tools. These do not show up that often. One would still have to use his pen knife to shave off the wood and then the pointer could add that “perfect” point. When they do show up they are usually missing the insert or its broken which holds and turns the point as one pulls or pushes the round pencil holder against the file.

An accounting typewriter with a 26″ platen, designed to fit ledger sheets. This is the machine which started my collection, and the machine I learned to type on. The Underwood #5 is what most people think of when they think of old present in , for the date of purchase written inside the case was Dec 17,

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Typing Test – 1911 Underwood 5